A Brief History of Happy Valley

College Avenue was a rutted, dirt road in the 1890’s when farm animals roamed free in the small village growing beside the Pennsylvania State College. On this late summer afternoon, a pig forages in the 100 Block of East College Avenue, across from the farm school fence in sight of the spire of the Methodist church on McAllister Street.

One year after our town’s incorporation in 1896, Ordinance 9, dated February 28, 1897, prohibited the running-at-large of horses, cattle, mules, hogs, sheep and goats within State College borough limits. Ed the Pig, pictured to the right, was a free spirit who couldn’t tolerate the new law. He refused to stay in his sty, despite many attempts to civilize him.

Because of Ed’s uncivil disobedience, he was soon scheduled to meet his (sausage) maker. Fortunately, Ed escaped and found safe haven in Farmer Klinger’s massive barn built in 1814 on College Avenue at the base of Mount Nittany on Slab Cabin Run just outside the borough limits. Happily reunited with like-minded Barn Animals and unencumbered by borough regulations, Ed roamed free in peace and happiness at Klinger Farms for the rest of his natural life.

Ed’s free spirit lives on in our barn to this day. He now serves as the official mascot of State College and Happy Valley Brewing Company. As our town grows bigger, more modern and more bureaucratic, Ed vividly reminds us of our agrarian roots and the freedoms we cherish.

It is to Ed, Happy Valley’s bravest pig, who triumphed over the Tyranny of Civilization, that we dedicate our efforts… and our pork sandwiches.


If there were no such place as Happy Valley, we would need to invent one.
Because, in addition to being a Real Place, Happy Valley is also a State of Mind.

The Happy Valley we all know and love rests in the sheltering shade of
Mount Nittany as it rises majestically to meet the blue and white sky.

But in a larger sense, Happy Valley is Any Place we gather to remember the
old times and celebrate the good times with our friends and families.

We invite you to revisit your own personal Happy Valley by drinking this beer,
lovingly hand-crafted for your enjoyment by Head Brewer, Josh Davies.

Welcome Back… to our Family of Craft Beer.
From your Friends at Happy Valley Brewing Company.


Read the "Life and Death of Klinger Farms" for a complete history of the barn.

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